Focal Elear Over-Ear Open-Back Headphones

The Focal Elear over-ear open-back headphones, inspired by the same technology and research that went into designing and manufacturing the flagship Utopia headphones. The Elear is designed and manufactured in France, and feature wide-range, near-field loudspeakers built within the headphones. The Elear comes with a 13.1-foot cable, and a padded carrying case with a magnetic closure.


The Elear features large 40mm full-range aluminum/magnesium “M”-shaped dome drivers. The unique shape of the drivers is the same as the ones used in the Utopia, offering high quality sound and blocking distortion.

Open Headphone Design

Focal decided that the best way to deliver all of the Elear’s performance was to utilize a fully open headphone design to totally decompress the loudspeakers. The open design provides the lowest possible acoustic impedance to reproducing accurate and detailed bass frequencies, and gives you an extremely natural listening experience.

Ear Cups

The over-ear cups feature 20mm thick memory foam cushions, wrapped in a soft microfiber fabric.


The included 13.1' (4-meter) high fidelity cable features OFC (oxygen-free copper) shielding with 24 AWG conductors and an extremely low impedance (under 90 mΩ). The 2-sided balanced cable features dual 3.5mm connectors for plugging into the ear cups, and a standard 1/4" plug for connecting to your source unit.