1More MK802 Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones


  • The 1More MK802 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones feature a CSR Bluetooth® chip with aptX® transmission technology provides a meticulous sounding wireless listening experience without affecting sound quality. The diaphragms are plated with rare beryllium to significantly enhance response time for extremely accurate mids and highs. The flexible part of the diaphragm is made out of PEEK, a supple and resilient polymer, for deep bass. Together they deliver a powerful yet transparent listening experience like having nothing between you and your music.

    Superb Sound with Bluetooth® 4.1, aptX® Coding, and Beryllium Driver

    Experience meticulous wireless sound quality without signal loss. The sound quality is further improved with a large beryllium driver that delivers sizzling highs, present mids, and powerful bass. The bass level can be boosted or limited with a convenient switch on the ear cup.

    Exceptional Comfort and Style

    The headband and ear cup housings are constructed with TR-90 synthetic titanium for extreme durability, flexibility, lightweight comfort, and modern appeal. The ear cups rotate in four directions to customize your comfort level and ensure noise isolation.

    Tuned by a Grammy Winning Sound Engineer

    1MORE collaborated with internationally acclaimed producer and sound engineer Luca Bignardi to perfect the final tuning to deliver a precise representation of your favorite artist’s intended sound.

    Intelligent Control Technology and Microphone

    Convenient ear cup controls are compatible with Apple iOS and Android, allowing you to control Bluetooth, 1MORE app, volume, select songs, take calls, and activate voice control. Superior MEMS microphone eliminates echo, cross-talk, and background static for crystal clear phone calls.