Noble Kaiser Encore

The Kaiser Encore from Noble Audio is the successor to Noble’s previous flagship IEM and most awarded IEM ever produced, the Kaiser 10 (K10).

The Encore is lively and musical with bass that always seems to come out at the right moments. It is not a completely neutral headphone but it is close. However it is too energetic and fun to be analytical headphone. The Encore suits all genres of music and they are sure to put a smile on your face that won’t disappear the whole time you are using them. Noble really hit it out of the park with the Encore.

The Encore retains the musical and engaging essence of the K10, however, the midrange response has been retooled to provide additional clarity and more accurate tonal balance while still integrating seamlessly with the rest of the spectrum. The increased clarity and more accurate tonal balance contributes to a larger soundstage and presentation compared to the K10 with more accurate imaging and spatial representation.

Kaiser Encore now features proprietary Noble drivers throughout which bring additional refinements to the piece.