Campfire Audio Orion CK

The Campfire Audio Orion integrates single balanced armature drivers into a machined aluminum enclosure which makes it seem like it is a simple heapdhone. The Orion is far and beyond above a simple heapdhone. The Orion from Campfire Audio personifies a less is more philosophy when it comes to audio. The sonic quality and range of this disarmingly simple headphone will elevate your daily listening experience to euphoric levels.

Reducing the elements of the earphone construction Campfire Audio discovered a remarkable sounding in-ear headphone. The Orion has the top-to-bottom coherence reminiscent of dynamic driver, with detail and clarity that can only be achieved with balanced armature drivers. The Orion has excellent frequency extension in the highs that makes symbols sparkle without sibilance and mids that are liquid-clear, upfront and uncolored. The bass is tight and punchy and definitely makes it's presence felt without feeling overwhelming.

Careful selection of each element of the headphone is just the start of the meticulous assembly of your headphone. Campfire Audio’s close attention at every stage from design to production ensures your headphones will be a worthwhile and lasting product. This critical attention to detail is crucial in delivering you the superior musical experience from the Orion.