Campfire Audio Cascade

The Campfire Audio Cascade Over-Ear Headphones were in the making for 3+ years. Campfire Audio worked day and night to bring their signature sound from their in-ear headphones to the over-ear world and they definitely succeeded. They've created an over-ear, closed-back headphone that is lightweight and comfortable while delivering a sound that you can only hear in open-back headphones.

The Cascade from Campfire Audio uses a 42mm Beryllium PVD driver to provide a very enjoyable, musical experience. It has an expansive soundstage and a natural sound that you don't often find in closed-back headphones. The Cascade uses premium sheepskin ear pads to provide maximum comfort and isolation. The Cascade is durable and portable and is the perfect travel companion that won't be leaving your head again.

Campfire audio grabbed the attention of music lovers everywhere with their eye-catching Andromeda in-ear headphones and judging from the Cascade, they don't have any plans of leaving the spotlight anytime soon.