Campfire Audio Andromeda

The hype is very real! Hip and vibrant, the Andromeda from Campfire Audio is not only going to turn heads when you walk into a room but it will also blow your mind with its incredible sound.

The Andromedas from Campfire Audio is a top-notch in-ear monitor that provides something different in a market that has been relatively stagnant for quite some time. The Andromedas provides a rich, detailed sound with an expansive soundstage. The Andromeda integrates 5 balanced armature drivers with a tubeless resonator box inside of its vibrant, green machined aluminum enclosure. Vocals are tremendous with the Andromedas while hearing the high-hat sparkle in your favorite song for the first time will truly leave you speechless. The only place the Andromedas are a little lacking is in the bass department. Although they do have a nice, punchy bass but if you are looking for a little more oompf in that regard, we would recommend Campfire Audio Vega.

The Andromedas come with a fantastic detachable cable and a myriad of ear tips so there be no issues with fit. In fact, out of all the universal in-ear monitors out there, the Andromeda ranks near the top in terms of fit and comfort in our personal opinion. It also comes with a great-looking leather case for your portable needs.

The hype around the Campfire Audio Andromedas is huge and is very justified. We can’t wait to see what Campfire Audio comes up with next!


Frequency Response
115 db spl/mw
12.8 ohms @ 1khz

In The Box

  • Campfire Audio Andromeda
  • Campfire Audio dark leather earphone case
  • Campfire Audio litz cable – silver plated copper conductors with berylium copper mmcx and 3.5mm stereo plug
  • Spinfit tips (xs/s/m/l)
  • Campfire Audio earphone tips(s/m/l)
  • Silicon earphone tips (s/m/l)
  • Campfire Audio lapel pin
  • Cleaning tool